Collecting feedback has never been so easy!
eStoreReview has various tools to make collecting reviews a very simple task. It doesn’t take any technical expertise to setup, and can be done in minutes. Once done, sit back and relax. We will do all the work for you. You don’t need to do a thing!
Automated Feedback Requests
After every purchase made, we send an invite to your customer, requesting for their feedback. The email is automatically sent after several days from making the purchase (delay is customisable). This is easy to setup and does not require any technical skills. After the review has been provided, it is published on eStoreReview.
How It Works
Customer makes a purchase
You let us know a purchase
has been made
We send an invite to the
customer for feedback
Customer provides feedback
Personalised Email Requests
We understand each business is different, that’s why we have built in a level of customisation in all our features. The email request can be customised to suit your specific needs. A standard template is provided for your convenience.

Email request can be configured to send on your behalf. Therefore from customer's perspective, they will see the email coming from you (i.e. your website's domain) even though eStoreReview does the actual sending.
We have live reports on everything you need to manage your reviews. You will be able monitor your progress, grow trust, and increase sales in no time.
More Ways To Manage Your Customer Reviews
eStoreReview has all the tools to manage reviews whenever,
wherever, and however you choose.
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