Connect with your customers and amplify your reputation!
Connect with customers to better understand what you’re doing right, and where you can improve. eStoreReview provides you with all the tools you need to actively listen and respond to customer feedback. This builds stronger relationships, improves customer satisfaction and leads to customer loyalty.
Store Profile
Your business profile allows customers to easily find you, contact you and make you stand out from the crowd. You can update information from your postal address and contact details, to logos and store summary. This way you can show your brand and better connect with your customers.
Official Store Replies
Show your customers you really care, and how you pride yourself with great customer service. At eStoreReview, we highlight and display official responses tags for the store. This allows all your customers to easily identify your responses.
It can be hard to monitor all comments that come through on your social sites. At eStoreReview, we try to minimise the effort required, by allowing store owners to customise when to be notified of new reviews or new comments. This allows you to respond quicker to your customers.
More Ways To Manage Your Customer Reviews
eStoreReview has all the tools to manage reviews whenever,
wherever, and however you choose.
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