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Increase sales through genuine customer reviews
Benefits of Customer Reviews
Increase Sales
It has been proven that reviews increase sales conversion rate, where customers are more likely to purchase from a business if recommend by other customers. There’s no better advocate than your customers!
Improve Rankings
Steady influx of reviews provide fresh user-generated keywords which search engines love. This will boost your review page rankings in search engines and increase traffic to your business. The more reviews received, the more important search engines consider you to be!
Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
Reviews are the building blocks to an online relationship with customers. It allows customers to voice their opinion and know it will be heard. This increases customer satisfaction and increases loyalty towards your business. This keeps customers coming back for more!
Build Trust & Creditability
Through reviews, other customers can determine trust in your products, services and ultimately your business. This will increase sales, and reinforce your online image, brand and reputation.
Manage Your Customer Reviews
Collect geniune customer reviews for your business. eStoreReview has various tools to collect reviews for you. It doesn’t take any technical expertise to setup, and can be done in minutes. Once setup, sit back and relax. We will do all the work for you.
Connect and build better relationship with customers. eStoreReview provides you with all the tools you need to actively listen and respond to customer feedback. This builds stronger relationships, improves customer satisfaction and leads to customer loyalty.
Building your reputation is important. However you will need to share this with new customers. eStoreReview provides you with a variety of ways to display your branding and reputation. After your first review, we begin working hard, to ensure your business is shown in the best light. It really can’t get any simpler!
Why you should use eStoreReview?
No Cost
Subscribing to our customer review program is completely free. There is a cost only if you would like advertisements to be removed from your review page.
We are here from the beginning to help you get setup collecting reviews, to the end promoting your reputation.
Easy Setup
Setup is quick, simple and doesn’t require any technical expertise. We are more than happy to take you through it step by step.
eStoreReview does not sell or share your customer details with any third parties under any circumstances. The only contact we make with the customer is the review invitation email which we can send on store's behalf. Customers will not receive any emails from eStoreReview unless they choose to sign up with us. We take privacy seriously.
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