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Customer Review Program

  • Why should I sign up with eStoreReview's Customer Review Program?
It's simple and effective. Once setup, we do all the hard work inviting your customers to provide feedback and write reviews. These reviews are already verified without the need for your customers to register. All reviews are backed by the order id, so where you need to find more details to follow up, you
  • Why can't I just have my own testimonial page?
Testimonials on your website can seem to be untrusted by potential customers, as many people and/or business continually fabricate them. Customers will prefer an impartial place such as eStoreReview, where it is a lot more credible.
  • Does eStoreReview have any procedure for handling negative reviews?

We encourage stores to respond to reviews publicly via our commenting feature. If there was an issue and it has been resolved, the reviewer will be given an opportunity to update their review and rating to reflect good outcome.

However, eStoreReview does not remove negative reviews unless the review is suspected fake and reviewer is unable to provide proof of purchase.

  • What does it cost to setup and use eStoreReview's Customer Review Program?
Nothing! Setting-up and joining our Customer Review Program is completely free.
  • What will happen to the reviews when a store decides to withdraw from the Customer Review Program?
Nothing. The reviews will remain on our website even after stores are no longer using our Customer Review Program.
  • Can stores send out the review invitation emails to customers themselves?
eStoreReview can invite customers to review your store by sending out review invitation emails on store's behalf. Therefore from customer's perspective, they will see the email come from store (i.e. store's domain) even though eStoreReview does the actual sending.
  • Does eStoreReview use, sell or share customer data received from stores?
eStoreReview does not, under any circumstances, sell your customer data, market to your customers, or share your customer data with any other party. The only contact we make with the customer is the review invitation email which we can send on store's behalf. Customers will not receive any emails from eStoreReview unless they choose to sign up with us.
  • How do I get setup to use the Customer Review Program?
Setup is simple and requires no technical skill. Please contact us and we will guide you through the process.