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Roses Only Reviews

New South Wales, Australia
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3.5 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Buy Flowers and Quality Roses from $39.95! Flower bouquets, floral arrangements, chocolates, liquor, and gifts for all occasions at Roses Only, leading Australian Online Florist.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 15/03/2013
Overall Rating
honeypugo would shop at Roses Only again.
Colour Blind
I have ordered and been associated with Roses Only for a long time now, and whilst I would definitely shop from them again I am a little disappointed with this particular order.

Roses Only definitely provides quality flowers - their roses and lilies, in my experience, always arrive in great condition. And on the off chance that they are not perfect, you can easily email or call their contact centre and speak to a real person about your concerns.

In this occasion, I am disappointed with the colours that my mum's roses came out in. During order placement you get the chance to pick two colour options in the event your first choice is unavailable due to seasonal or quality issues. This is a fair system. However, when my mum sent me pictures of the roses they were in completely different colours to what I had listed as my first and second preferences! What's more, the colours the company's florist picked themselves were not, in my opinion, very complimentary... (Dark red, Yellow, and Mauve..?)

I would have appreciated notification prior to delivery as none of my chosen colours were available to at least discuss more options with me. Otherwise, delivery was as promised and the roses were at least in healthy quality.