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Ordered On: 11/09/2014
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Emilyhoneybroo would not shop at Book Depository again.
Horrible customer service
i purchased a rather large quantity of books on the 11th September 2014, they were shipped out on the 16th September to the WRONG address.

i had typed in my correct new address, having 3 people with me at the time check since it was a new address and i wanted to be sure. on the 12 September i had to message them about a change of email address and requested the confirmation email be sent to me, i got no reply.

A month goes by and no books so i contact them to hear that they have been shipped to an old address of mine nearly an entire state away.

Ive been told to wait 5-10 weeks to even hear if the books do get returned and if they aren't bad luck.

i find this extremely unfair and was conversing with a Veronica from the book depository site about this when she wouldnt listen to my emails and has now been ignoring them.

I have contacted the post office in the area, the new renters of the home they sent the books too and have been told they never received any such books.
i have been ripped off a large amount of money by them, after being a loyal customer for over 4 years and spending thousands with them yet they will not correct something they did wrong.

i find them unprofessional when it comes to handling these situations and will be taking further action against them if they continue to ignore my emails
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