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Ripematernity Reviews

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About Us:
Australia's Leading Maternity Wear Brand. Shop Online for fashionable pregnancy clothes or find a Ripe maternity clothes store in Melbourne or Sydney.
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Ordered On: 29/06/2012
Overall Rating
e215 would shop at Ripematernity again.
One of the better maternity stores onlines
Ripe Maternity is one of the better maternity shops online.
Great range of casual maternity basics to formal wear.

I have purchased several Ripe maternity outfits. The last one I purchased was the Satin Formal Dress - Deluxe Formal Dress: Black.
The fabric was soft satin, sat beautifully. Very comfortable and looked dressy enough for the black tie dinner I wore it to.
Best of all the price was reasonable. Maternity clothes especially formal dresses are expensive and for the little wear you get from it, not worth spending lots of money for just one wear.

Customer service was friendly too, I emailed them regarding size, they were helpful and didn't have any issues with the size i purchased online. Delivery time was also quick. My dress arrived in 2 days of placing the order. I am based in Sydney.

I would recommend this maternity store for clothing during your pregnancy.