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Ordered On: 3/01/2013
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e215 would shop at Slot Shop again.
Another great site for Scalextric Slot cars and accessories
I was searching online for more Scaletrix slot cars for my son's collection.

This site has a good range of cars, as well as other accessories.
I was looking for a particular car that I had seen an a USA website, the Luke Skywalker speed bike car.

This site was the cheapest local site that stocked it.
I also picked up the twin rally pack as well, as their was a purple car in the set which I got for my daughter.

I live in Sydney, items were ordered and shipped to me overnight. Store is located in Sydney also.

This is one of three slot car shops I would use again, depending on who was cheapest for the item I would be looking for.

Great selection and friendly staff. I found that there is this cult slot car world out there, and the experience so far is that people are keen and the shops are well stocked and willing to offer advice and help as they are passionate too!!