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Ordered On: 10/01/2013
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Liisey would shop at Portenzo again.
Best iPad cases - Slim, Slick and Stylish!
I was looking for a slick iPad mini cover that was slim and stylish. All the stores in the shopping centers had the same bulky designs!

I heard about Portenzo - Quality Book Bound Artisan cases for iPads and iPhones.
I decided to order the "Hardback for iPad Mini". I was able to fully customize my cover, and the process was a delight.

As each iPad cover is handmade once your order is placed, it takes approximately 14 days to receive your item.

Absolutely love the iPad cover, and I get lots of comments because it looks just like a notebook. I've since ordered 2 more iPad covers as presents.
Your really lucky, I ordered one from TreeGloo on the 1st of Jan and its still not here...

Do you mind me asking, did it take a total of 14 days from crafting to receiving the case, or another couple of weeks to receive after crafting?

Superman posted on 13/03/2013
Oh wow!! I would definitely not be happy!
I paid for express shipping and received it 20 days from order date, and this was at Christmas time. Order placed on 4/12. Received the product on 24/12, just in time to be wrapped!

Liisey posted on 13/03/2013
Your very lucky!

I think I'll wait until the end of the month and see if i can get my money back if I don't receive the cases... which will be another battle...

And I ordered 3 cases too... should have tried 1 instead of three... save shipping I thought...=(

Well, I think I might have to give these guys ago at the end of the month...

Superman posted on 13/03/2013
What did their support team say? From reading their FAQ, it shouldn't take more than 4 weeks. Not on!

Liisey posted on 13/03/2013
Tell me about it... I actually posted on their Facebook page, but i can't find it any more... Don't know if they just took it off or its hidden somewhere...?

I was told like 2 weeks ago that they would send me the cases. Still haven't received any tracking numbers or anything...

So sad... Just have to wait until the end of the month. Already waited 3, I guess 1 more month isn't going to kill me...

Superman posted on 13/03/2013