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Brandy Melville Reviews

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Ordered On: 19/06/2013
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rosesandkittens would shop at Brandy Melville again.
Yay for California!
I had been watching way too much Youtube and getting brainwashed by all these girls...resulting in some major damage! Brandy doesn't have a lot of selection to be honest and the items are like all the same, but they all look so breezy and adorable! They have the absolute cutest prints and heaps of neutrals (and I figured I needed a new summer wardrobe).

I had a huge list of things I wanted, so I ended up ordering about twelve items. I picked up the Jada dress (navy), three Luma skirts (the light blue, the navy with white flowers, the maroon), the Layla hoodie, the Bethan dress (black!) the Heather skirt (black with daisies!), and three Jocelyn tank tops (the white, black and grey). I was aiming for $250 to get free international shipping, and my order came out perfectly to $251!

Shipping was like two weeks, but I didn't really mind since it was free. I got everything I wanted (thankfully, since I've heard so much about bad stuff about Brandy) and everything really is so cute! At first some items looked so awful out of the box, but they were okay once I ironed them. The quality isn't like awesome or anything (and now I think they're pretty overpriced), but everything I bought is fine for summer (my original intent anyway).

Just a warning, shipping without reaching $250 is so expensive and the Luma skirts are way too short for anyone above like 165cm. I don't think I'll be making another purchase in awhile, because now my closet looks way too similar since they have the same prints in dresses and skirts. Nonetheless, the items really are so Californian and lovely if you've got some dosh to burn.