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4.7 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 1/04/2014
Overall Rating
reptile would shop at CD Japan again.
Great first time purchase. Large range of goods. Worth visiting
Ordered Audio Technica SonicFuel Earphones with an in-line remote (for smartphones)

CDJapan was one of the few websites stocking this particular model, and was at least $30 cheaper than competitors

As CDJapan offered payment via Paypal, I decided it was worth the risk of buying from someone I had never seen nor heard of before, especially if they had the earphones I was after at a much cheaper price.

Registration was quick and easy and I received a payment receipt immediately upon paying.
My item was marked as shipped 6 days later, and arrived around 8 days later. So really, just over 2 weeks from the time of payment to time of arrival.

As a first time customer, I'm happy with both the price and the time taken for delivery.

They also offered my some points as a reward which was valid for the next 90 days for my purchase. I'm not likely to take advantage of it, but it was a nice gesture nevertheless.

They have a large range of goods (Music, Books eBooks, Anime, Figures, Games, Gadgets, Toys etc) so I guess if I'm on the lookout for anything Japanese related, I'll definitely give them a re-visit.

As for the earphones, I can say they're really good, and will be replacing my (much more expensive) Sony's