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The Remnant Warehouse Reviews

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3.7 from 1 review
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Date Posted:
Ordered On: 4/04/2014
Overall Rating
delusion would not shop at The Remnant Warehouse again.
Fabric sample
Website was not as user friendly, I was having issues clicking onto some items that I wanted to see. So I decided to email admin and enquire about the sample fabric I wanted.

My email was not attended too over a week, by then I had already placed an order for a few samples.

The email response I received was a one sentence email which was not helpful at all.

When I received the fabric sample, there was one missing and fabric swatch was not trimmed neatly and placed into the envelope, this made it hard for me to determine what I was looking for so I had to travel to the shop and check out some materials.

My order:
Cotton Lycra - Baby Pink
Matt Lyrca - Army
Sun Paque Lycra - Pink
Soft Jersey - Mid Pink #43
Stretch Poplin - Dusty Pink
3mm American Sequine white
Pearl Sequins
6mm spot pink
A day in the country festival - spot grey
Italian Gelato stripe lycra

Price paid was $5 including postage. This was reasonable pricing for 10 swatches.

I dont think I will be purchasing from this shop again.