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Ordered On: 21/05/2014
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delusion would shop at The Chic Story again.
Boyfriend Jeans
I came across this website via facebook daily post of new arrivals.

The website was user friendly and easy to view products online without hassle.

I placed an order for x1 boyfriend jeans size 7 as they had sold out of size 6.

$59.95 with free shipping!

the price is reasonable with free shipping.

I assumed that these would fit me.

I received the item the following day! I was excited.

I tried them on, unfortunately they did not fit me, it was too large.

I contacted admin via their face book page - personal message and received a response promptly. I was advised that they will check when these jeans will be re-stocked in size 6 and they will get back to me.

I was told the following day that the size 6 boyfriend jeans will be re-stocked in 3 weeks. They offered me a refund, however, I decided to wait for another 3 weeks to exchange the item for the correct size.

Service was quick and friendly, understanding.

I was a happy customer despite the wait for the item to be exchanged because I know I am in good hands.