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Cartridge On Sale Reviews

PO Box 3080, Telopea, New South Wales, Australia
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About Us:
Complete Range of Ink Cartridge, Toner Cartridge for Printers. Premium Quality Compatible Ink Cartridges and Toner Cartridges, Lowest Price, Express Delivery!
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Ordered On: 7/05/2015
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Emma_Black would shop at Cartridge On Sale again.
Fantastic! very satisfyed Customer
Cartridge Sale are my new go to spot for cheap printer cartridges.

In places like office works the cartridges I need for my Canon printer cost $79.90 for a value pack. After doing some shopping around I stumbled across the website and I found the same value pack for $64.50 a $15.4 difference.

Even better I got free shipping! I was very impressed as I ordered the cartridges on a Thursday and they arrived on a Monday which is pretty fast as they were going from NSW to WA.

I am one happy customer and certainty recommend them.