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We stock quality brands in baby products like strollers, toys & accessories at great prices. Check out all popular collection and get up to 60% off on WOW Baby, one of the best online baby products shopping store.
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Ordered On: 16/03/2012
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HollowSOS would shop at WOW Baby again.
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I ordered a Bubbaroo Joey Swag from WOW Baby specifically for an upcoming camping trip in the Victorian High Country. At the time of purchase, WOW Baby had the best deal on the sleeping bag for my daughter. An hour or so after placing my order I received a courtesy email from a customer service rep letting me know that the colour I had ordered was out of stock and that I needed to choose another. When I replied I asked the lady whether she might be able to throw in a complimentary gift for my daughter for the hassle and she kindly obliged. Later that day I received a shipping confirmation email! I couldn't believe it! My order arrived within a day or two thanks to their express shipping and upon opening I was absolutely astounded at the generosity of WOW Baby. Not only was the sleeping bag I purchased in it but also a (rather expensive) pack of bath toys, a beautiful touch and feel book, a sweet little knife and fork set, a couple of sample baby washes and a big packet of powerpoint protectors. I was so overwhelmed that I cried when I opened the package! I will never ever forget the kindness and understanding that WOW Baby has for it's customer needs!