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3.5 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 23/12/2012
Overall Rating
Stuart would shop at Reid Cycles again.
Reid cycles
I had never thought of purchasing a bike online as I feel like it is always good to touch and feel a bike. I was new into cycling and as I did not know how much I would ride the bike the price of Reid's cycles was my main driver to purchase. Their bikes appeared to be the cheapest I could find. The online store was simple to use. Whilst the range is limited to their own brand it does make the decision to purchase easy. The actual bike is ok however you must remember you are purchasing the cheapest bike on the net. Shipping was about a week with things they have in stock and only $15 to ship. I am still waiting on a product that they do not yet have in stock.
I also purchased Vintage bike from Reid Cycle as they have the cheapest commute bike you can find.

Initially I had some question so I tried emailing Reid Cycle via their website but no response. I tried calling one of their store couple times and after a long wait my call just get disconnected.

We had to wait for about 5 weeks for the Vintage bike to arrive because it was out of stock. The bike arrived on 15th Jan on time, however calling them to find out whether the bike is assembled and ready to pick was a bit of pain. Either I waited long enough and the call gets disconnected, or they say they will call me back but never call back.

I did get I think %10 discount because of out of stock and 5 weeks wait, and also received gift of 100 dollars worth of bike accessories.

Overall, the bike was alright, as Stuart mentioned I am purchasing the cheapest in the market. However their service need some improvement.

Rambo posted on 4/02/2013