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Central Sports Reviews

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Lowest price, best value sport shoes, footwear and fitness including asics, skins, nike, adidas, new balance, reebok, everlast for all the family sport and leisure.
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Ordered On: 29/12/2012
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xhelss would not shop at Central Sports again.
Sports gear
Recently bought 2 pairs of Skins A200 Compression shorts for $68 each which is a bit cheaper than the actually skins store. They also offer free shipping on purchases over $50. Shipping took 6 days but it's because I ordered during the new years break.

The only thing that I had an issue with is that they don't accept overseas credit cards. They deducted the money from my credit card but then told me they don't accept it and I have to repay with paypal and that they will release the money after I paid. This was a hassle, they should have said on the website that they do not accept it in the first place. I replied promptly with their e-mails but they take up to 24 hours to reply so the issue was resolved within 4 days.